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A Little Bit Of Heaven For Your Feet.




Fashions For Your Feet

Glitterflops are made with the highest quality crystals, creative styles, orthopedic comfort, & saddle leather & nylon.


Over a half inch of memory foam adds a new level of comfort during everyday activities and will never go flat. Get a massage while you walk.


Adding not only strength to the overall shoe, but also provides more stability for your feet during your everyday routines. Arch support is the basis of all comfortable shoes.


Some of the reported health benefits from wearing our Glitterflops Flip Flops include relief from

BUNIONS — Provides arch support stability


PLANTAR FASCITIS — We don’t know how it works, it just does


NEUROPATHY — No Pressure

The Story Behind Glitterflops

Started by Georgia Thomas in March 2006, the Texas Crystal Company began with Georgia’s first product, the GlitterCap.

College student, wife, mother of four, horse trainer, riding instructor, Ohioan, Texan, NRHA judge, cancer patient, cancer survivor, hat supplier, grandmother, foot surgery, three back surgeries; all of these paths have led to the new path that Georgia Thomas has chosen to follow, flip flop designer. Having succeeded in and survived all of her past endeavors, Georgia did not hesitate when she found a need for her chemocaps. While undergoing chemotherapy, Georgia started selling her hats to cancer boutiques all over the country. The hats were a success because they were pretty, comfortable and affordable. They made the women feel good at a time when feeling good is so important. Because of the hats, finding a need and filling it after her foot surgery was an easy path to follow.

This wonderful flip flop full of memory foam and an arch support that offered such relief to her feet presented itself and Georgia seeing its potential brought it back into production. “There is no reason women can’t have comfort and style.” With this thought in mind Georgia began the process of designing jewelry for her shoes. They became an instant success and now Georgia and her girls hand decorate over 30 different designs. There was a need indeed!.


These super cute blingy flip flops were designed by a lady who survived cancer and also had major back surgery. She wanted a cute flip flop that she could wear after back surgery & radiation that had left her feet very sensitive. She made these flip flops orthopedic in construction with a high density memory foam and and to the top it all off with real Swarovski crystals.

The fip flops are so comfortable you don’t even need to take them off when you get home from a long day of work. They are so awesome, most people who bought them come back for more styles.

  • Highest Quality Crystals 100% 100%
  • Creative Styles 80% 80%
  • Orthopedic Comfort 90% 90%

What Are Customers Saying About This Store

I simply love this store …and the ladies who owns it and works there …Are the kindest ladies I know ❤❤❤

I love this Boutique! Ashton carries some of the cutest clothing and accessories. I live really close so I can get into trouble from time to time because of how often I go to shop there. Her and her Mom are the nicest people ever and I spend more time talking to them than I do shopping when I am there shopping. Awesome place to shop in our little town of Sand Springs!

She was very nice and friendly. The shop is very nice, plus she has a great variety of rustic cuffs at very fair prices. There’s also very nice clothes, jewelry and unique gifts. I’m waiting on the silver beaded to come in. I’m very pleased to have found it. I’m definitely go back, you must do check this place out!




We believe that women have their own secret language. Only we can make every floor a dance floor, every moment a memory and beauty a part of every day.