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Clothing lines that are specific to Sand Springs. Our boutique aims to carry zip code protected clothing and accessories.

Jewelry includes Summer Ellis, The Vintage Pearl, Rustic Cuff and other fun vendors that are local and region.


Rustic Cuff

Each Rustic Cuff is beautiful and elegantly made. We continue to rotate our selection as often as possible. Not to mention, most times we just sell out.



We guarentee you will not find our clothing and accessories at other boutiques. We pride ourselves on original clothing and fun boutique’esk items.

  • 90% Clothing 90% 90%
  • 88% Jewelry 88% 88%
  • 80% Accessories 80% 80%


What’s New Today!

01 Backpacks

Vera Bradley backpacks. Beautiful, elegant & original.

02 Jewelry

Rustic Cuff comes in fast and it goes out just as fast. We love our Rustic Cuff lines!

03 Jeans

Our Dear John Denim are new and cut the way woman like them.

04 Accessories

Summer Ellis Jewelry a main staple of Ashton’s. Zip code protected jewelry line only available here.